Violence in the UK

Why is it when young people rise up in Egypt, Syria, and other places in the middle east it is called “protests” and the “people are fighting against oppression” but when young people in the UK rise up against blatant oppression with the “spark” being the murder of a young black man by that racist regime they call police, and they do the same things, looting, violence, arson, among other things, they are called thugs and insurrectionists and this “needs to be put down”??????  Tell the Truth Media!! This is not some “mindless mob” bent on destruction, these are young people who have been oppressed all their lives. These are young people that have seen their last life-line severed in these brutal “austerity” measures.  These are young people who have no other choice but to make a huge noise, otherwise you ignore them.  Look at the coverage with Anderson Cooper in Somalia. How long has the plight of those people been ignored? How much longer will you ignore the fact that in the UK, and the US as well, young people have been oppressed, violently at times, evidenced by this recent shooting. It’s time that YOU serve the public interest and begin to use your “free press” rights to speak about the violence and oppression going on against the young and the poor, even in supposedly advanced and enlightened countries like the US and UK.

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