I need help. We here in Port Huron, Michigan have a publicly owned facility, McMorran Place. It offers a hockey Arena that also converts into a 4600 capacity concert venue, as well as a 1,157 seat theater. McMorran has played host over the years to acts as diverse as Aerosmith and Gordon Lightfoot, Johnny Cash, KISS, and Rush. If you look at the cover of Rush’s “Beyond the Lighted Stage” DVD release, the picture is from McMorran Arena. However, in more recent years, McMorran has suffered from mismanagement. There has been a complete lack on the part of those in charge, now including a professional facilities management company for the past year, to book any substantial acts. This mismanagement has made McMorran a drain on our city’s finances, and recently our City Manager has stated that one of the options he is going to put forth to deal with this deficit is the shuttering of our facility. That idea is a travesty and spits on the grave of the fine family who built McMorran as a gift to the community. But as private individuals, we haven’t had many options except to cajole those in power to “do something”.
Recently I have been informed that, as opposed to pushing for the managing company to book and promote the venue, that it is possible to rent the facility. Which is why I come to you. Frankly, I don’t have concert management experience, don’t have the kind of money to pay booking fees, and I can’t make guarantees on behalf of some corporate entity with deep pockets. What I can offer is the chance to prove to those in power that it can be done, that bringing music to Port Huron can be a money making venture, and to save our fine facility from being shuttered, along with every bit of profit we can make. I may not know what I am doing booking a band, but I’m pretty sure you do, or at least have people around you that do.

Thank you for your time,
Steven Verner

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